Beijing Boxing, Muay Thai & MMA Fights

Get ready to rumble

It started on April 18, 2015 in a park behind 22 Art Street in the Shuangjing area of Beijing, China. On that Saturday afternoon with cold beer on tap and barbecue smoke in the air, 12 amateur fighters left it all in the ring. The crowd roared and the event was a success. Shuangjing Showdown was born.

Shuangjing Showdown is a combat sports league, providing a platform for amateur fighters and gyms across Beijing. We host special events around the city, creating an environment inclusive to gym members, fight fans and friends. Shuangjing Showdown provides a platform for Beijing’s combat sports gyms to showcase their amateur fighters in fair competition. Our mandate is to grow competitive amateur Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA in Beijing, promoting friendship, fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

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