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Sign Up to Fight at Showdown 7!


Sign up now to fight at Showdown 7 on September 16! Click here or contact WeChat @JamesOliver for more details. Deadline for sign up is August 10, 2017.

Want to see who's out there? Want to meet new friends in the Beijing combat sports community? Come to Showdown 7 Match Up Sparring! This is your chance to get in the ring and spar. It's absolutely free and open to amateur Boxing and Muay Thai athletes of all levels. Just bring your sparring gear and come have fun.

Date: Sunday August 6, 2017
Time: Muay Thai 12:30, Boxing 14:00
Address: Genuine Warriors Sports Gym, Room 1203, Building 1, Floor 2, Wangjing Soho
Price: Free

决战双井7 量级匹配赛 | 日期:2017年8月6日 周六 | 时间:泰拳 12:30,拳击 14:00 | 地址:真传泰拳健身馆,望京Soho塔一商铺二层1203室 | 决战双井7 | 日期:2017年九月16日 周六 | 选手报名 | 选手报名截止日期为2017年8月7日



Shuangjing Showdown 4: Match Up Sparring Announced

Showdown is back! Match Up Sparring Sunday, March 13, 2016 at Capital Training Center. Want to fight at Showdown 4 on April 23? Get in the ring and find an opponent. Amateur athletes welcome to spar, everyone welcome to attend. Come meet the Beijing combat sports community - rep your gym or just hang out. See you there!

Date: Sunday, March 13, 2016.
Address: Room 0220, 2nd Floor, Building B, Chaowai Soho.
Muay Thai 12:00 / Boxing 13:00 / MMA 14:30



Match Up Sparring May 30

Attention coaches, fighters and wannabes! We are pleased to announce Match Up Sparring for Shuangjing Showdown 2 will officially take place at Fight Republic on Saturday, May 30, 2015.

All potential fighters and their coaches are invited to meet possible opponents and spar to facilitate the match making process. Coaches and organizers will watch sparring and suggest match ups. Should any coach or fighter object to a potential match being made, that match will not happen. We are only interested in fair fights.

Muay Thai fighters will weigh in and commence sparring at 14:00Boxers will start at 15:00.

Women fighters are very welcome. Friends and spectators are welcome to hang out - this is a free event. All levels of amateur fighters are welcome - beginners will be matched together. Selected fighters will face off again at Shuangjing Showdown 2 on June 27, 2015. 

This should be a great day for sparring and meeting other members of our Beijing Boxing and Muay Thai community. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Address: Room 2237, South Tower, SOHO Shangdu, Chaoyang, Beijing, China | Nearest Subway Station: Jintaixizhao (金台夕照站)