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Match Up Sparring July 24 at Tiger King MMA Gym

Match Up Sparring is back again, this time at the brand new Tiger King MMA Gym. If you're a an amateur Boxing, Muay Thai or MMA athlete living in Beijing, this is a fun free event for you. Come spar with members of our community, all gyms are welcome. If you want to compete in Shuangjing Showdown 5, coming this September, this is your chance to find possible opponents in your weight class. Just curious? Come out and watch, it's free to attend.

Address: Floor 2, Yoolee Plaza (朝阳区永利国际购物中心二层)
Date: Sunday, July 24, 2016
Times: Muay Thai 12:00, Boxing 13:00, MMA 14:30
Bring your own sparring gear. See you there!

决战双井5即将开启。量级匹配赛将于7月24日周日在Tiger King拳馆举行。想要抓住本次机会参与决战双井的比赛?那一定不要错过量级匹配赛。欢迎各界业余波及爱好者前来参加。在这里你将遇见北京各行各界的拳击运动爱好者。你既可以代表你的拳馆前来参赛,或者只是单纯地来观看其他人比赛。期待你的到来!