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SS4 Match Up Sparring: New Friends, Good Showing

Great turnout for Shuangjing Showdown 4 Match Up Sparring!

Capital Training Center played host to combat sports athletes from across Beijing, representing B Active Fitness, Big King, Champion Boxing, Fight Republic, Living Bigg, Tiger King MMA, Uppercut and more. Sparring went well and we're working behind the scenes to line up fair fights in our amateur weight categories. For weights, rules and details about the fights, please click here.

Big thanks to our hosts at CTC and everyone who attended this event. The next Shuangjing Showdown fight event is Shuangjing Showdown 4 happening April 23. Watch this space for venue and ticket announcements and until then, happy training!



Match up sparring a big success

Shuangjing Showdown's official Matchup Sparring took place yesterday at Fight Republic. Boxing and Muay Thai members of B Active, Black Tiger, Fight Republic and Glee Gym came to spar, chat and take pictures. In total 19 fighters came to spar and coaches got a good look at them for potential match ups on April 18. We were also joined by video crews from CCTV and NBC News who conducted interviews with fighters, organizers and coaches.

We will be emailing fighters and announcing the official fight match ups this week! Big thanks to Fight Republic for hosting us, Coach Sean Wright for refereeing the sparring and to everyone who attended. We had a great time.



Match Up Sparring March 22nd

Attention coaches and fighters! We are pleased to announce Match Up Sparring will officially take place at Fight Republic on Sunday, March 22, 2015.

All potential fighters and their coaches are invited to meet possible opponents and spar to facilitate the match making process. Coaches will watch sparring and suggest match ups. Should any coach or fighter object to a potential match being made, that match will not happen. We are only interested in fair fights.

Muay Thai fighters will weigh in and commence sparring at 1pm. Boxing fighters will start at 2pm.

All levels of amateur fighter are welcome, beginners will be matched together. Women fighters are very welcome. Selected fighters will face off again at Shuangjing Showdown on April 18, 2015.

This should be a great day for sparring and meeting other members of our Beijing Boxing and Muay Thai community. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Address: Room 2237, South Tower, SOHO Shangdu, Chaoyang, Beijing, China | Nearest Subway Station: Jintaixizhao (金台夕照站)