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Putting in work

The Chinese New Year holiday is over and with just under seven weeks until Shuangjing Showdown, potential Boxing and Muay Thai fighters are training hard. 

At B Active, Coach Sean Wright is back in Beijing and has taken over Boxing and Muay Thai classes. Coach Tommy Young is headed back to Scotland and will return to Beijing in a few months. Sean has wasted no time in reintroducing his "death by burpees" to the group classes. That third helping of holiday dumplings probably wasn't a good idea.

Over at SOHO Shangdu, Fight Republic is buzzing as the gym has reopened after a long winter break. Coach Jerson Estoro is hard at work getting his boxers ready and may be joined by a second full time trainer in the coming weeks.

For more training updates and photos from Beijing's best combat sports gyms, watch this space!