When is the next fight event?
Saturday, September 16, 2017.

Outdoors. 22 Art Street Park, Shuangjing, Beijing, China.

Who can attend the event?
Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA enthusiasts, party-goers and all around fun people over the age of 18. Please leave children and pets at home to create a friendly and safe, adult atmosphere.

How much is a ticket?
Presale tickets cost 99 RMB food and drink sold separately.

When and where can I buy presale tickets?
Presale tickets available now, exclusively through WeChat. Contact @JamesOliver for info.

Is there assigned seating?
All tickets are general admission and mainly standing room, with some seating available.

What is the dress code?
Casual dress code, wear what you like.

What time should I arrive?
Gates open at TBC.

What time does it wrap up?
We'll be wrapped up by TBC.

Where's the after party?
After party at Plan B Bar and Grill!